About Appen

Appen, a global AI leader, stands at the forefront with a network of over a million skilled contractors spanning 130 countries. We leverage cutting-edge AI-driven data annotation techniques to enhance AI systems for major tech companies and various industries. Our core values include a commitment to ethical AI and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

Are you ready to turn your spare time into serious cash while making a meaningful impact on cutting-edge research and innovation? Join Project Caine with Appen, where your earning potential is directly tied to your work ethic and efficiency! We are actively seeking talented individuals who are motivated to contribute to the collective intelligence of the public and earn substantial income in the process.


– Complete Judgments: Engage in various judgment tasks related to data annotation, multimedia, sentiment analysis, and search engine result evaluation; no prior experience required!

– Efficient Work: Work quickly and efficiently with impeccable attention to detail, ensuring high-quality judgments within specified time frames.


– Must be located anywhere within the United States

– Must be proficient in English language

– Technology Requirements: A computer equipped with the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

– Residency: 3 to 5 years of residency in your registered country.

– Windows Live ID (WLID): Obtain a Windows Live ID during the onboarding process; instructions will be provided.

Earning Potential: Your income is directly proportional to the amount of work you undertake and complete efficiently.

The more tasks you take on, the higher your potential earnings. For example, if Task A pays $0.10 per judgment and you complete 100 judgments in 1 hour, you’ll earn $10.


– Flexible Schedule: Work at your own pace, allowing you to balance this opportunity with other commitments.

– Cutting-Edge Contributions: Contribute to exciting applications in data annotation, multimedia, sentiment analysis, and search engine result evaluation.



$0.01 – $0.01 one-time


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