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Bard, the AI-powered language model, has just announced its integration with various Google apps and services, making it even more capable and helpful. With this new feature called Bard Extensions, users can now interact and collaborate seamlessly with Bard, receiving relevant information from their favorite Google tools. Whether planning a trip or working on a project, Bard can assist you by pulling data from Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and even Google Flights and hotels.

Google Bard Extensions

Interacting and Collaborating with Bard’s Google Tools

Imagine planning a vacation to the Grand Canyon, a task that often involves multiple tabs and applications. With Bard Extensions, you can ask Bard to gather the necessary information from Gmail, such as the dates that work for everyone. Bard will then provide real-time flight and hotel details, offer directions via Google Maps, and suggest YouTube videos showcasing things to do at your chosen destination. All of this can be accomplished within one conversation with Bard.

Similarly, Bard can make the process smoother when applying for a new job. You can ask Bard to find and summarize your resume from Google Drive, allowing you to collaborate on your cover letter more efficiently. Bard’s ability to interact with various Google tools enhances convenience and productivity in multiple scenarios.

Protecting Your Privacy with Workspace Extensions

Privacy is a top concern for many users, and Bard understands this. When using Workspace extensions, such as Gmail, Docs, and Drive, your content is not accessed by human reviewers or used to train the Bard model. Additionally, Bard does not utilize this data to display personalized ads. You can always control your privacy settings and turn off these extensions anytime. Bard is committed to safeguarding your personal information.

Double-Check Bard’s Answers with the “Google It” Feature

Bard now includes an improved “Google it” feature to ensure accuracy. When Bard responds, you can click on the “G” icon to double-check its answer. Bard will then assess the response and search the web for supporting or contradicting information. You can explore additional details from the search results by clicking on highlighted phrases. This feature empowers users to have a more comprehensive understanding of the information provided by Bard.

Enhancing Your Experience with Bard’s Extensions

Bard’s extensions offer a range of features that can enhance your overall experience. For instance, you can obtain real-time flight and hotel information for personalized travel planning, create templates for speeches and find inspiring YouTube videos for reference, or access location-based information from Google Maps. Furthermore, you can leverage Gmail, Docs, and Drive to summarize text, search for information, and obtain quick answers, all within Bard’s interface. These extensions provide users with a seamless and convenient way to access information and collaborate effectively.

Bard Extensions take Bard’s capabilities to new heights

Bard’s integration with Google apps and services through Bard Extensions has undeniably elevated its capabilities. By connecting with Gmail, Docs, Drive, Google Maps, YouTube, and other tools, Bard offers users a more comprehensive and interactive experience. 

The privacy-conscious approach ensures that your personal information remains secure, while the “Google it” feature allows you to verify information easily. With Bard’s extensions, you can enhance your overall experience and make the most of the AI-powered language model.

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