About Hightouch

Hightouch’s mission is to empower everyone to take action on their data. Through our Reverse ETL platform, business and data users can seamlessly sync data from where it resides, such as warehouses and databases, to where it is needed, including operational systems and SaaS tools. Traditionally, acting on data has required engineering time and bandwidth, and left most business users stuck with charts and reports that are unable to take automated action on their data. With Hightouch, every business user, without writing any code, can activate data to streamline critical processes, improve marketing performance, and scale operations.

Our team operates with a focus on making a meaningful impact for our customers. We believe in approaching challenges with a first principles thinking mindset, moving quickly and embracing our value of efficient execution, and treating each other with compassion and kindness. We look for team members that are strong communicators, have a growth mindset, and are motivated and persistent in achieving our goals.

Hundreds of companies use Hightouch, including Spotify, Ramp, Retool, NBA, Plaid, and Betterment. We’re based in San Francisco, are remote-friendly, and backed by leading investors such as Amplify Partners, ICONIQ Growth, Bain Capital Ventures, Y-Combinator, and Afore Capital.

About the Role

We are looking for a senior frontend engineer with deep experience in developing production-ready applications and a passion for building a great user experience.

As a part of our growing frontend team, you will collaborate closely with our product and design teams to plan, build, and launch new products like Identity Resolution and Match Booster from start to finish. Examples of projects that you’ll lead include:

Observability & alerting: As customers of Hightouch grow in size and complexity (often large enterprises with hundreds of syncs), we are exploring interfaces to allow data and marketing teams to observe, debug, and alert on data pipeline issues at a glance.Visual audience builder: We’re constantly thinking about how we can extend our visual audience builder to accommodate increasingly complex marketing campaigns. This project will help you acquire a deep understanding of the marketing persona and the role user segmentation plays in their day-to-day workflow.Event collection features: With the launch of our event collection product, help build features that will allow users to enforce data correctness within their event stream.Hightouch UI: As our team grows, we’re evolving our frontend design system to be more reusable and developer-friendly.

As a key member of the frontend team, you will also play a crucial role in shaping best practices within our engineering organization. You will have the opportunity to mentor other frontend engineers, make important technical decisions, and establish the standard for our user experience. While this is a senior role, we prioritize impact and potential for growth over years of experience.


Hightouch offers a salary range of $170,000 – $240,000 USD per year for this position. Your compensation will be determined based on our assessment of your interview performance and will be discussed with you by your hiring manager when you receive an offer.

Salary is just one component of Hightouch’s total compensation package for employees. We also offer a generous equity package for all of our full-time employees, as we believe being an owner of Hightouch is incredibly important.

Interview Process

Our interview process focuses on evaluating fit for the most important dimensions of the role: product sense, ability to architect complex product frontends, and alignment with Hightouch’s values.

Intro Call [15-30m]: Introductory call with either a member of our recruiting team or the hiring manager to get to know each other and see if the role could be a good mutual fit.Technical Exercise [45m]: Collaborate with a frontend engineer to create a frequently used Hightouch app component.Technical Interview [90m]: Work with the interview to design, architect, and implement a complex frontend component.Hiring Manager Interview [30m]: Chat with hiring manager about past experiences and future operating preferences to assess fit on company values and operating principles.

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