POSITION TITLE:      Software Engineer, Cryptocurrency Tools
POSITION DUTIES:   Designing. developing and supporting decentralized, blockchain-based and decentralized finance (DeFi) software solution, including the DFINITY Internet Computer Protocol (ICP); Design and implementation of innovative financial products and services in decentralized computing, digital assets, and utility tokens; Build out new functionality for our crypto products, such as providing wallet functionality and integrating financial systems with blockchain currencies; Create and improve infrastructure and tooling for market making and advanced trading in the decentralized exchange ecosystem; Contribute to and maintain the proprietary software (CDK) used to interface with the Internet Computer blockchain network via the Rust programming language; Contribute to and maintain the release process for the CDK and publish regular releases of the software, ensuring it is publicly available and installable on supported operating systems; Design and implement features and functionality that developers can use to build applications on the Internet Computer blockchain; Participate and engage in engineering design discussions that help shape the architecture of new features; Conduct pull request reviews and maintain a high standard of excellence for code contributed to the repositories owned by the SDK team; Prototype and build example apps; write clear, detailed documentation on how to use tools and libraries developed by the SDK team; Implement features in code bases that are not strictly owned by the SDK team, working with cross-functional teams to ensure an assigned project is delivered in a timely fashion and with a high standard of excellence.

REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in Financial Engineering or a closely related field; plus two (2) years of experience required in the following:

● Bash
● Python
● VSCode
● Vim
● Emacs
● C
● C++
● Linux
● Docker
● CI/CD infrastructure
● Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)
● Algorithm development
● Performing quantitative analysis
● Prototyping and building example apps
● Improving code maintainability
● Building test automation
● Open source development

RATE OF PAY:       $175,700 per year
JOB LOCATION:   365 Main St, #229F, San Francisco, CA 94105 (This position can be
performed 100% remotely from anywhere in the United States.)

APPLY TO:            Ryan Newman, Director of Recruiting
                              365 Main St, #229F, San Francisco, CA 94105
                              (415) 237-0249
                              [email protected]

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