Senior Mobile & Frontend Developer React & Typescript

The Deutsche Streaming Allianz GmbH (DSA) builds and operates streaming solutions in the areas of sports, TV and events. We may be a young start-up, but the two founders Radek and Pavel combine decades of experience in the streaming business. We have already been able to win well-known customers from the TV sector and the German Football League for DSA.

Our vision is a SaaS product for streaming, which we are already very close to achieving. In order to further develop the product and generate solutions for our customers, we are looking for a Senior Mobile & Frontend Developer React & Typescript

Management Summary:


React Native





SaaS product

International Team

100% Remote Work 

English language required

We are seeking highly skilled developers with exceptional problem-solving abilities to join our international team. Ideal candidates will possess strong debugging skills across a variety of platforms and languages, including React, React Native, Kotlin, Java, Swift, and TypeScript. Your expertise will play a pivotal role in the development and maintenance of our SaaS product, ensuring high-quality, bug-free software. As a 100% remote team, we require fluency in English to facilitate clear and efficient communication. If you have a keen eye for identifying and solving complex software issues and are comfortable working in a dynamic, international environment, we would love to hear from you.

Extended Version:

We are an international and interdisciplinary team where you will be involved in the implementation of our frontend applications based on React and React Native.

Our applications run on web, iOS, iOS TV, Android, Android TV, Fire TV, Samsung/Tizen and LG. You customize them for our clients, keeping in mind that we are moving further towards SaaS. 

Our products are sometimes heavily used, so you make sure that the quality and functionality of the application meets the requirements. 

We are a small team, so you will be in direct contact with our customers to find and implement the best possible solution together.

We work internationally and therefore 100% remotely. But we are happy to provide you with a co-working space in your area if you wish. 

You should have senior programming experience, we will teach you everything DSA-specific. We believe in people who want to learn and realize something, so we expect you to enjoy coding and to want to realize the best possible product.  

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