Software Engineer (all genders)

As a full stack engineer with knowledge in Rust, you are going to be critical in providing a seamless developer experience via our TypeScript and Python bindings. Furthermore, you will be shaping and adding new features to our SDK and work within a team of highly skilled software engineers working on bleeding edge distributed ledger technology. This is your opportunity to influence the way digital transactions and applications are built. We’re excited to work with individuals ready to make a real difference.

– Develop high-quality software solutions and specifications (Rust 75%, Python and Typescript 25% – binding).

– Work effectively across different teams to address problems and collaboratively arrive at solutions ( Software Engineers, DevOps, Research Scientists) 

– Perform and thrive in an environment where your work can change rapidly in response to customer feedback and data.

– Ensure timely delivery of technical solutions while maintaining a healthy work environment.

– Participate in and help transform cutting-edge research into practical software products.

– Proven multi-year software engineering experience

– Proven experience in Rust 

– Good understanding of cryptographic primitives (hashing, digital signatures, certificates, PKI)

– Experience with blockchains/DLTs

– (Optional) Experience with creating bindings through Rust (e.g wasm-bindgen, neon)

– (Optional) Experience with cybersecurity and secure software engineering

The IOTA SDK provides developers with the tools needed to interact with the IOTA network, create transactions and build full scaled applications. The library written in Rust, offers bindings in multiple languages, such as Python or TypeScript (for node.js or WASM environments) and acts as the first point of contact for developers wanting to use IOTA.The opportunity to work with a senior level of the brightest minds in the industryWork from anywhere policy (we have been remote since day 1)Culture of trust, empowerment, and constructive feedbackA flexible and agile organization with a flat hierarchyIndependence and responsibility from day one

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