About Appen

Appen, a global AI leader, stands at the forefront with a network of over a million skilled contractors spanning 130 countries. We leverage cutting-edge AI-driven data annotation techniques to enhance AI systems for major tech companies and various industries. Our core values include a commitment to ethical AI and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment.

With Project Leighton, you will be part of a project that aims to help advance speech recognition technology by recording simple words in German via the Appen Mobile app.

What’s in it for you:

Easy qualification process

Short-term earning potential

The task takes approximately 30 minutes to complete

Read and record 96 words across 19 prompts/group of words in German


18-65 years old

Must be a native German speaker

Android or iOS smartphone

Stable internet connection

Able to read and speak the provided prompts fluently


The pay rate shown is for full completion and acceptance of all 96 words across 19 prompts/group of words. Only 1 incorrect prompt is allowed in order to be eligible for payment (on a prorated basis).



$20 – $20 one-time


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