Shopify Price Increase 2023

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Shopify, a leading e-commerce software provider, has recently announced a price increase for its services. The company faces higher costs, just like other tech companies, and has decided to pass on some of those expenses to its customers. In this article, we will take a closer look at the details of the price increase and how it will affect Shopify users.

Shopify Price Increase: What You Need to Know

In July last year, Shopify made headlines when it laid off 10 percent of its workforce, amounting to 1,000 jobs. The company attributed these cost-cutting measures to the increasing expenses it was facing. Now, Shopify is adjusting its prices to better align with its financial situation. This means that customers will have to pay more for their Shopify subscriptions.

Basic Subscription: Now $39/month for US Customers

For customers in the United States, the basic subscription cost has increased to $39 per month. This marks a significant jump from the previous price and may surprise many Shopify users. However, the company believes this increase is necessary to sustain its operations and provide quality services. Shopify users in the US need to be aware of this change and adjust their budgets accordingly.

Europe Still Seeing Old Prices, But Not for Long

While customers in the United States are already experiencing the new prices, Shopify users in Europe are still being shown the old subscription fees. The basic subscription costs 21 euros per month for European customers, billed yearly. However, this will only last for a while. After April 23rd, the new prices will apply to all customers, regardless of location. Therefore, European Shopify users should prepare for the upcoming price increase and plan their budgets accordingly.

Act Now: Lock in Old Rates with Annual Plan Renewal

To mitigate the impact of the price increase, Shopify advises its customers to switch to an annual plan instead of paying on a monthly basis. By renewing an annual plan before April 23rd, users can lock in the old rates for another year. This means that customers will only be affected by the price increase once their annual plan expires. Therefore, Shopify users must take action now and secure the current pricing for an extended time.

Shopify’s price increase comes as a response to the rising costs the company is facing. While customers in the United States already pay higher subscription fees, European users still enjoy the old prices, but only for a short time. All Shopify users need to be aware of the upcoming price change and take the necessary steps to minimize its impact. By switching to an annual plan and renewing before April 23rd, users can continue using the old rates for another year. Stay informed and act now to ensure a smooth transition in the face of Shopify’s price increase.

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