Evernote price increase 2023

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Evernote, the popular note-taking app, recently announced that it will increase its subscription prices in 2023. This news may come as a surprise to many loyal Evernote users. Still, the company assures that the price hike is necessary to invest in infrastructure and product development for a better user experience. This article will delve into the price increase details, the new prices and effective dates, and the reasons behind Evernote’s decision.

New Prices and Effective Dates for Evernote Subscriptions

Starting May 1, 2023, Evernote will implement new subscription prices for its Personal and Professional plans. The tables below provide a summary of the new prices in various currencies:

Evernote Personal subscription price

Monthly subscription14.9917.9929.9017.9912.998.99110010500
Yearly subscription129.99159.99264.90159.9999.9979.99930099000

Evernote Professional subscription price

Monthly subscription17.9922.4932.9022.4914.9913.49155013500
Yearly subscription169.99209.99329.90209.99129.99104.9912400125000

Existing subscribers will see the new prices take effect at their renewal date, which falls at the end of May. Evernote is committed to notifying all customers impacted by the increase at least 28 days before their renewal date.

Why Evernote is Increasing Subscription Prices

While price increases may need to be better received by customers, Evernote justifies its decision by emphasizing the substantial improvements and expansions made to its offerings since the last price increase, which occurred nearly seven years ago. The company highlights significant enhancements such as enhanced synchronization performance and reliability and exciting new features like Real-Time Editing, AI Note Cleanup, and AI Search.

Evernote must invest in infrastructure and product development to continue delivering these enhancements and provide users with a superior note-taking experience. The increased revenue from the price increase will enable Evernote to allocate more resources towards these critical areas and deliver more excellent value to its customers faster.

While the news of Evernote’s price increase may initially be met with disappointment, it is essential to understand the reasoning behind the decision. Evernote aims to provide users with an even better and more efficient note-taking experience by investing in infrastructure and product development. The company assures that a price increase is necessary to support these improvements and deliver more excellent value to its customers in the long run. As the new prices take effect in 2023, users can look forward to a host of new features and enhanced performance from Evernote.