Hix AI

Hix AI: An all-in-one AI writing copilot with 120+ tools. Features include ending writer’s block, grammar checks, and support for 50+ languages. Offers ArticleGPT for fact-based posts, HIX Bypass for AI detection-proof content, and BrowserGPT for writing assistance in Google Docs, Gmail, and more.

Hix AI Stats

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Hix AI Pricing

Does Hix AI offers a Free plan?

Hix AI offers a free trial, enabling users to try its features without immediate costs.

What does Hix AI costs?

  • Basic: €13/month, 10,000 words, GPT-3.5, 120+ tools, 30+ languages.
  • Pro: €19/month, 50,000 words, same features as Basic.
  • Unlimited: €66/month, unlimited words, includes all Pro features plus unlimited use of tools.

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