SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Propels NASA’s Psyche Mission Towards Metal-Rich Asteroid

In a remarkable display of inter-organizational collaboration, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy has successfully launched NASA’s Psyche mission, setting its course toward a metal-rich asteroid named Psyche. This historic event, earlier today, marks the first instance of NASA utilizing SpaceX’s giant rocket for a scientific mission, amalgamating entrepreneurial vigor with scientific aspiration. Heralding a New Era: SpaceX’s […]

Atlassian Bolsters Video Communication Capabilities with $975M Loom Acquisition

In a significant move, Atlassian has proclaimed its intention to purchase video messaging titan Loom for an impressive sum of $975 million. This comes after Loom’s staggering $1.53 billion appraisal in May 2021, following a $130 million Series C round. The acquisition is emblematic of a larger shift in the digital collaboration landscape, further accentuated […]